Let’s keep this brief

Well hey there.

My name is Paul, but you’ll know me better as thatsmyboye – or TMB for short.

I’m a lifelong Phillies fan, and I’m here to bring my thoughts, my take, my perspective, and…hell, whatever else comes to mind when it comes to Philly’s favorite baseball team. That’s what really matters after all, yeah?

There’s no better time than the offseason to get my foot in the door, and considering the Phillies have yet to make a ton of major moves – outside of front office hirings, anyhow – there’s not much to catch up on. You’ve all heard takes on the MVP race, on the Amaro hiring and other front office moves. I’ll forgo that and pick up from here.

Oh, and pardon that image. It’s a placeholder until I have more than five minutes to dedicate to Photoshopping something decent.

Oh, and this is an open forum. Reply at will!

Let’s start this title defense off right!


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