Idle hands, devil’s playground, tournaments, etc.

With Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz out of surgery and the Winter Meetings not for a week or so yet, we find ourselves in a bit of a news lull.

Even in Philadelphia as a whole. The active sports are basically the epitome of “eh, who cares?”

So, because there’s a bit of free time, I might as well fill it! Why not?

So here’s what’s up: I’m going to use the WhatIfSports sim engine to hold a tournament with the eight best Phillies teams in history. Two obvious participants are the 1980 and 2008 versions, and they will be matched with the 1993, 1983, 1977, 1976, 1964,  and 1950 incarnations. The last 6 are my pick based either on record or playoff result (how else could I allow 1964 to resurface?).

The tournament will kick off sometime this weekend, after the holiday festivities. You can view the bracket here.

Got to find a way to keep busy somehow, I guess. Should be fun.



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2 responses to “Idle hands, devil’s playground, tournaments, etc.

  1. yankeethis

    What’s the tournament style going to be?

  2. thatsmyboye

    A best of five series straight on through, I’ll post box scores after each

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