Amaro speaks

So, what’s the real reason behind the Phillies deciding not to offer arbitration to Jamie Moyer and Pat Burrell, two potential – though now no longer – Type A free agents? Here’s what Rube had to say:

“First, we still have the ability to negotiate with both of them. The fact that we didn’t choose to offer them arbitration really doesn’t have much to do with letting them go or not having a relationship with them anymore. We can still bring them back. But the problem with offering them arbitration is that, if in fact they were to accept arbitration, we would be locked into a number that would not give us the flexibility that we have to have to do some other things. Plus, it would delay the process of knowing what those numbers actually would be, possibly until February. So for us to be able to do our business and try to improve our club in other ways, it would kind of handcuff us because there would be some uncertainty with what we can do.”

He actually uses reasoning that kind of makes sense. Again, as I said earlier, Moyer was a far bigger likelihood for accepting arbitration than Burrell. It makes sense to not offer it to Jamie in that regard, no matter how hard it is to let the chance at two picks go.

As for Burrell, I haven’t heard much regarding him recently. I have no idea if he’d accept arbitration. It’s been my thought all along that he wouldn’t, but if he’s not even offered arbitration, I may have been singing the wrong tune.

So, call this closure. At least a little bit of it. Just try not to have too sour a taste in your mouth when Pat signs elsewhere and we have no draft picks to show for it.


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