Phillies make offer to Lowe

UPDATE (12/5, 10:26am): Now, it seems, according to Todd Zolecki, no official offer has been made to Derek Lowe. The only confirmation was of “interest.” Oh. Okay.

No wolf to be found here, shepherd boy.

I think the true ulterior motive for not offering Jamie Moyer arbitration has finally reared its head.

According to Tony Massarotti over at the Boston Globe, two teams have submitted offers to free agent starter Derek Lowe…and one of them is the Phils.

Perhaps the team isn’t as close to a deal with Moyer as is publicly perceived, and perhaps the “mobility” Rube talked about when explaining his decision not to offer arbitration was the budget space to do this. Lowe will be much more expensive than Moyer, but he’s also younger and a better pitcher.

The biggest problem is that he hates the Cit, so the dollars would have to be many in quantity.

The article says a second, unknown team also made an offer. Lowe is expect to get an AAV of $13-16M.


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