Winter Meetings 2008


7:10 p.m.: Mostly quiet. No real news, other than Scott Lauber reporting that the Phillies could have had Rockies 3B Garret Atkins for Carlos Carrasco. For now, I think the made the right move in saying no.

Chan Ho Park draws ever closer.

12:04 a.m.: So, the Mets have traded for J.J. Putz and signed Francisco Rodriguez. What are we doing in response? Trading for a young catcher when we have a hot catching prospect already, and seriously considering signing Chan Ho Park.

I could’ve sworn Ed Wade was the GM in Houston these days, not here.


9:15 p.m.: The trade is in! It’s…Jason Jaramillo for Ronny Paulino. A catcher swap.


Why, though? Ruiz is on the roster, Marson should start the year either with the club or in AAA, and Coste is still there. This likely means the Phils aren’t done, and could move another catcher soon.

8:28 p.m.: Scott Lauber has word that the Phillies have completed a trade involving players on the 40-man roster. Details forthcoming.

7:46 p.m.: Attention seems to have shifted away from Mark DeRosa, and the Phillies are now rumored to be dangling Kyle Kendrick and/or Jason Jaramillo in the Peavy deal. There’s so much waffling going on that it’s really difficult to post anything of substance right now.

Except maybe this:

According to Gerry Fraley, the Phillies are looking to trade starter Adam Eaton.  They’ll pay all but $1MM of his $9MM salary for ’09 and don’t want anything in return.

Laugh – or cry – with me, now.

11:17 a.m.: The Yankees have apparently decided that they would like to mess up even more offseason plans by targeting Derek Lowe. They already signed CC Sabathia to a monster deal, now they want Lowe, and have even begun to be linked with Manny Ramirez.

The Lowe thing only really applies to us, though. What if we can sign neither Lowe nor Moyer?

12:19 a.m.: A Chicago Tribune story says all that’s left for the Peavy deal to go down is for the Cubs to pull the trigger on their end. Exact details are unknown, but the Phillies would likely receive Mark DeRosa while shipping out J.A. Happ.


4:45 p.m.: Hold everything. Apparently the uncertainty swirling around Cubs future management has Peavy talks on hold, and that the Padres weren’t exactly attracted to Happ or Coste in a deal. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

12:22 p.m.: A four-way deal is gaining a bit of steam in the Jake Peavy market. Or so the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

[Padres GM Kevin]Towers told reporters on Monday that the Cubs were the only team he is continuing to talk to about Peavy and that making a Peavy trade was his full focus at the winter meetings. He then went out and proved it by working to facilitate a potentially four-team trade that would send Mark DeRosa to Philadelphia and Felix Pie to Baltimore and bring back pitchers Garrett Olson, J.A. Happ (the Northwestern product) and Sean Marshall for the Padres.

Going tunnel vision for a second, it’d essentially turn into a Happ for DeRosa swap while the other teams exchange a couple other players. It’s a tad confusing, but not totally mystifying. The deal looks pretty good, but trading Happ would essentially hand the fifth starter spot to either Kendrick or Eaton. That, friends, is a grim prospect.

11:50 a.m.: Mark Loretta, who had been on the radar, has signed with the Dodgers. Nothing new on the Moyer/Lowe front, except an unquoted rumor that Lowe may actually want to pitch for the Phillies, CBP loathing and all.


11:49 p.m.: The Inquirer’s Jim Salisbury via Todd Zolecki reports that the player the Phillies may receive from the Cubs in a hypothetical three-way deal involving Jake Peavy would be Mark DeRosa. The mancrush may be fulfilled after all! I might have said a while ago that the Phillies should probably look into DeRosa.

9:24 p.m.:’s John Schlegel says that the Phillies may be a suitable third party to facilitate a Jake Peavy trade. No, not to get the Padres ace to come here, but to get him to Chicago to play for the Cubs. The Phillies would give to the Padres, while the Cubs would give to the Phillies.

Talks are preliminary, with no specifics.

9:19 p.m.: The Phils have been in touch with Nick Punto for their utility player opening. Not a bad choice, should he sign.

3:35 p.m.: Rotoworld has a scoop that the Phillies have interest in OF Delmon Young of the Twins, late of the Rays. Young almost won Rookie of the Year in the AL in 2007, but saw his production – most noticeably, his power – drop off considerably, but perhaps the drop in counting stats was because of fewer PAs. He’s also notorious for chasing bad pitches way more than the average player. This is not necessarily a good target.

1:49 p.m.: Word has it that Jamie Moyer’s contract demands are in the neighborhood of two years, $20 million. That’s steep for a 46-year-old.

The Winter Meetings kick off in Vegas today, and for the next few days baseball brass will meet to discuss all kinds of deals.

This post will be updated as we go and Phillies news breaks.

Here’s a checklist of sorts for known priorities:

  • Re-sign Jamie Moyer
  • Find a corner OF for 2009
  • Add a bullpen arm, probably a righty
  • Failing a Moyer signing, add a starting pitcher
  • Sign Charlie Manuel to an extension
  • Work out long-term deals with arb-eligible players (Madson, Hamels, et. al)


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2 responses to “Winter Meetings 2008

  1. Dan

    I kind of want the Phils to sign Lowe so the Yankees dont’ have to.

  2. Ash

    Well the Yankees already have this CC nonsense going on, who knows what they’ll do next

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