Recent news in brief

I’m currently on vacation, but I figured I’d at least catch up with a couple tidbits.

  • PH specialist Greg Dobbs was signed to a two-year, $2.5M deal and avoids arbitration for the year. Very affordable.
  • The Phils signed two utility players, Marcus Giles and Pablo Ozuna. The deals are cheap, but with Eric Bruntlett and Jason Donald already in tow, I wonder why both were needed.
  • Ryan Madson turned down a three-year, $12M extension offer. He’s due for arbitration, but this is his last year under team control. He’s a Scott Boras client, so that’s why he turned down the money. He won’t be back after this season.
  • Joe Blanton, Greg Dobbs, Chad Durbin, Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Ryan Madson, Shane Victorino, and Jayson Werth all filed for arbitration. They’ll all get big raises, but we’ll find out exactly what they’re seeking on Tuesday. Dobbs, as previously mentioned, has signed a deal.
  • My predicted eventual salaries for the arbitrationeers: $5M for Joe Blanton; $1.5M for Durbin; $4.5M for Hamels (a crime); $15M for Howard (different kind of crime); $3.5M for Madson; $3M for Victorino; $3.75M for Werth. All players still have the option of signing a deal before going to a hearing – only eight of the 110 MLB players who filed last year went to hearings – but those are my projections if each were to go the distance. However you shake it, the payroll’s about to go way up.

UPDATE (1/19, 4:33 P.M.): Ryan Madson has also signed. His deal is 3/$12M. Not a terrible signing, and that takes care of his last arbitration year plus two free agency years. I had originally thought Madson would not sign a deal after turning down a similar offer a few days ago.


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