Werth, Durbin sign; Howard lone ranger

Outfielder Jayson Werth and reliever Chad Durbin have both signed contracts, avoiding arbitration. Werth will get $10M over two years ($3M in ’09, $7M in ’10), while Durbin gets $1.635M for the 2009 season.

That leaves Ryan Howard as the only remaining arbitration-eligible Philly player without a deal, and it’s likely he will not get one prior to a hearing, considering the $4M disparity between his offer and the team’s.

Revisiting my projections for salaries of the arbitration-eligible player for this offseason:

My predicted eventual salaries for the arbitrationeers: $5M for Joe Blanton; $1.5M for Durbin; $4.5M for Hamels (a crime); $15M for Howard (different kind of crime); $3.5M for Madson; $3M for Victorino; $3.75M for Werth.

I was low on Blanton by $475k, low on Durbin by $135k, low on Hamels by $150k for ’09, low on Madson by about $500k for ’09, low on Victorino by $125k, and high on Werth by $750k for ’09.

That’s not too shabby, I don’t think.


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