Please, don’t ever be like this

There is a link I was given just a few moments ago. Here it is.

But before you click that link, allow me to serenade you for just a moment.

Envision, if you will, my post on why trading Ryan Howard could be beneficial to the Phillies in the long run. Remember that one? Obviously, it won’t be coming to fruition, and I as a Philly fan am plenty fine with that.

Imagine, then, if you will, that same post written from a different perspective. Instead of looking at numbers and performance, I blamed Howard for everything wrong with the team. Instead of wondering if a possibly continuing trend of decline in his production is worth his salary, I denounce him without any consideration of his ability, good or bad. Instead of Howard, I argue for trading Chase Utley.

Would you trade Joe Mauer?

Would you trade Joe Mauer?

That’s what you have in that first link. A Minnesota blogger somehow felt the compunction to start a blog, arguing in favor of trading Joe Mauer, one of the best pure hitters in the game today.

Silly, right? It’s fascinating to me how Minnesota fans try to find flaws with Joe Mauer. Apparently a .317 career average and .399 career OBP – as a catcher – just isn’t enough these days.

Heads up, Minnesota: not every catcher can be Mike Piazza or Ivan Rodriguez. The obsession with the home run borne of the late 90s and early 00s has created these fatuous delusions that every hitter must slug in order to be effective.

The author argues that, because Minnesota has not won a playoff series in the time Mauer has been the Twins starting catcher, he is ultimately the posterchild for everything that is wrong with the team, while simultaneously trying to backpedal into saying it’s not “Mauer himself that we blame, but the style of Joe Mauer” that is at fault.

So, the style of having a career 128 OPS+, drawing more walks than strikeouts, being worth about 150 runs and 15 wins over replacement in the past three seasons alone is what’s wrong in Minnesota. There we have it.

Last year, Minnesota, as a team, was worth 173.6 value runs and 17.3 value wins over replacement players. Not bad at all. When you consider that Mauer was responsible for 58.9 of those runs and 5.9 of those wins, the stance of the blogger becomes even more questionable.

Lack of power? So what?

Lack of power? So what?

Do you, as a Philly fan, want to trade Shane Victorino because he only hits about 10-15 homers a year as an outfielder? Do you want to trade Cole Hamels because he had 10 losses last season?

I understand the author’s frustration. I do. We all do. We lived through a long period of nothingness, a longer span of time than Minnesota is currently enduring since its last World Series title. Frustration is not a foreign concept.

This could very well be a fake, and I may be falling for it. If that’s true, eh, well, so be it. But the concept stands, as this kind of fan does still exist.

Pinning the struggles and ineptitude of a team on one single player – and not just that, the team’s best player – is ludicrous and should hardly mention this many words on a blog post. But this serves as a warning: sit, breathe, count to 10, and think before coming to conclusions when your favorite team is struggling.

Don’t be that guy.



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4 responses to “Please, don’t ever be like this

  1. nyj2k101

    By acting like a dick that dude is getting more attention on his blog than most legit ones do. I’m sure it’s fake, but he could at least be a bit more clever or funny. If only you’d started your blog sooner, you could have railed against Pat Burrell for not stealing bases!

  2. Jummy

    Not that this proves anything, because I still think Mauer is awesome and any team should be happy to have him, but BP’s newest book pointed out that if you look at Mauer’s stats through 25 and Jason Kendall’s stats through 25, they’re pretty similar.

    ABS through age 25:
    Mauer: 2059
    Kendall: 1715

    Lowest OBP:
    Mauer: 372 (not counting his rookie season where he only had 100 ABs)
    Kendall: 372

    Highest OBP:
    Mauer: 429
    Kendall: 428

    Home Runs:
    Mauer: 44
    Kendall: 31

    Mauer: 115
    Kendall: 128

  3. nyj2k101

    Kendall was pretty good until he hit crossed the age 30 threshold, which isn’t out of the ordinary with catchers so perhaps there is a point to trading him down the line but for now you have a great catcher in his prime.

  4. Badfinger

    I think it would be awesome if the Twins traded Joe Mauer

    To the Phillies.

    Considering this gentleman’s stance, for peanuts please.

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