Young catchers on the move?

SATURDAY: Sure enough, Paulino has been dealt for lefty reliever Jack Taschner. This all but assures J.A. Happ the fifth starter’s spot.

THURSDAY: Now Ken Rosenthal thinks that Chris Coste has secured the backup spot, and that Ronny Paulino is the one available after all.

Chris Coste has secured his hold on the Phillies’ backup catcher spot, making Ronny Paulino available.

The Marlins, after failing to sign free-agent catcher Ivan Rodriguez, could seek Paulino as a backup to John Baker if they consider him an upgrade over Mike Rabelo.

Now things may really start to get interesting.

TUESDAY: This almost went unnoticed, and it’s hard to glean anything from one dismissive sentence in a story, but Nick Cafardo over at the Boston Globe mentioned that the Phillies and Red Sox have had some discussion about catching prospect Lou Marson.

It’s been well-documented that the Phillies have a catching logjam: Ruiz and Paulino are likely to make the 25-man roster, Chris Coste may have played his last as a Philly, and Marson and fellow prospect Travis D’Arnaud are waiting in the wings.

Something has to give.

If the Phillies can manage to snag a pitcher from Boston – they’ve asked for the likes of Clay Buchholz, a price tag that Boston is currently having none of – it could certainly tidy up a few things on the roster, as well as shore up the Phillies’ minor league pitching prospects.

Certainly something to keep an eye on.



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5 responses to “Young catchers on the move?

  1. ManifunkDestiny

    Oh now you’re just TRYING to get MLBTR traffic

  2. I’d love to see Marson in the Boston system, but as per normal I doubt Buchholz is the guy we’d end up trading to get him. I’m not familiar enough with the needs of the Phillies to say what might end up being put in place, however.

  3. thatsmyboye

    Manifunk: everyone should want more traffic! But regardless of that, I felt this was a topic worthy of its own post. I’ll update it if things develop any further.

    Eric: every team is looking for pitching, but outside of that, I’d say our biggest needs would reside in middle infield prospects. Jason Donald is nice and will become something akin to Mark DeRosa in terms of super utility, but we need a dedicated MI who can field his position. Rollins is 30 and Utley is 29, so the sooner we can start developing these guys, the better. We lost our best 2B prospect in the Blanton trade (Cardenas).

  4. ManifunkDestiny

    I was just giving you a hard time, tmb. But speaking of the devil, MLBTR did link to a Rosenthal piece which talks about Paulino, not Marson, being dangled for trade bait. So maybe the Phils do want to have Marson in the majors soon? At least as a backup?

  5. Pumpkin McPastry

    The trade would certainly make sense, although Buchholz seems a little too much to give up. Still, the Red Sox have plenty of other arms that could be available, like Bowden or Bard.

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