My predictions for the 2009 Phillies

Ah, yes. The time has come. One week from tonight, myself and 45,000 other Philly fans will crowd Citizens Bank Park for Opening Day (Night) 2009, when the Phils get things started against the Braves.

And receive a bit of hardware in the process.

But that Sunday night will just be the first of 162 games, a span of time during which anything can happen. But what do I think will happen? Glad you asked!

Here are my predictions – for things usual and unusual alike – for the Phils in 2009.

  • NL East finish: 1) Phillies, 2) Mets, 3) Braves, 4) Marlins, 5) Nationals
  • Ryan Howard HRs: 52
  • Ryan Howard Ks: 179
  • Chase Utley games played: 143
  • Chase Utley HRs: 22
  • Cole Hamels starts: 29
  • Cole Hamels ERA: 3.47
  • Jimmy Rollins errors: 7
  • Lou Marson season debut: May 22
  • Jayson Werth HRs: 33
  • Phils record vs. Mets: 9-7
  • Phillies win NL East by: 4 games
  • Team runs scored: 836
  • Team runs allowed: 774
  • J.A. Happ starts: 22

Anything I’m forgetting? Any other quirky things I should add? Let me know. This is just how I see things shaping out on gut instinct.



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2 responses to “My predictions for the 2009 Phillies

  1. dockellis70

    What’s with you and the number 22? Are you going to be in a Jim Carrey movie?

    Also, no Howard breaking 200 this year? At least he won’t be the first now.

  2. thatsmyboye

    No, no breaking 200 for big Ryan. And yeah that 22 thing is kind of fascinating. Wonder if it’s a harbinger for something else…

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