Delicious, or how I began turning into a corporate donkey

So I get this e-mail from a P.R. guy at Turkey Hill. “BREAKING NEWS,” it tells me in the subject.

Well, ok, maybe this could be interesting. I open it.

The Phillie Phanatic has finally been immortalized with his own ice cream flavor! The ice cream — Phillie Phanatic Double Play — is described as “bavarian cream-flavored light ice cream with caramel corn and caramel swirl.” It’s made by Turkey Hill Dairy, who also makes the team’s official ice cream flavor, Philles Graham Slam. Phillie Phanatic Double Play will be available in pints wherever Turkey Hill products are sold and in Citizens Bank Park.

Fantastic! Two ways to now enjoy my favorite baseball team in cold, churned dairy form!

Does this have any business being here? Not really. But I’m kinda poor and I wouldn’t mind hand-outs (where’s my check, Turkey Hill?!).

So go ahead and pick up a tub, tell the counterhelp the Phrontiersman sent you, and be sure to tell me just what kind of look he or she gives you when you say that. Take a picture, if you can, preferably.

Three days to go. I think I’ll stop being manic by then.



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2 responses to “Delicious, or how I began turning into a corporate donkey

  1. Here I thought my site only got this “exclusive” email, but it looks like Turkey Hill contacted many Phils blogs.

  2. Ash

    Is it green and fuzzy with a red stripe?

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