Phillies @ Nationals 4/15 postponed

With heavy rains in the area, the Phillies and Nationals are going to postpone tonight’s game before fans have to leave their homes.

Rookie catcher Lou Marson was set to start and bat eighth, but it appears that his second Major League start will be deferred. With the extra day, I wonder if Cole Hamels will remain slated to start in what would’ve been his probable spot tomorrow.

UPDATE: Joe Blanton will remain the starter for tomorrow. Additionally, here the Phillies’ plans for a Harry Kalas tribute both this week and throughout the season, with thanks to David Murphy:

  • The television booth in which Harry broadcast since Citizens Bank Park opened in 2004 will be named the Harry Kalas Broadcast Booth, “That ball’s outta here!” A plaque will be hung to officially name the booth. The neighboring radio booth is named the Richie (“Whitey”) Ashburn Broadcast Booth, “This game’s easy, Harry.”
  • The ceremonial first ball will be thrown by Harry’s three sons, Todd, Brad and Kane.
  • Prior to the National Anthem, to be sung by Harry’s son Kane, there will be a moment of silence.
  • All fans will receive an 8”x10” color photograph of Harry.
  • Harry’s signature will be displayed on the field during the seven-game homestand beginning on Friday.
  • Also for the seven games, a black drape will appear in front of the Phillies radio and TV booths and the Phillies flag in Ashburn Alley will be hung at half-mast.
  • A video of Harry’s career will be aired on PhanaVision.
  • During the seventh-inning stretch, a video of Harry singing “High Hopes” will be shown on PhanaVision. Fans will be encouraged to join in.
  • During the first half-inning of the game televised by Comcast Network Philadelphia (formerly CN8), there will be no announcer commentary.

The Phillies will also wear a commemorative patch above the heart for the rest of the year, and Kalas’s trademark home run call will be played over the P.A. system every time a Philly hits a homer throughout the ’09 season.

I’d like to see the “High Hopes” tradition continued through the year and maybe beyond. It’s true: this town needs another song that doesn’t start “Fly, Eagles…” The broadcast silence for half an inning is also an incredible tribute.


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  1. Ash

    All amazing plans. Way to class it up for Harry, Philly.

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