Post-game 4/17: Padres 8, Phillies 7

I really don’t have the eergy to type much after the way tonight’s game – as well as the Flyers game – went down.

Blowing a 7-1 lead after four with Cole Hamels on the mound? To the Padres? This team finds the most frustrating ways to lose, and give up a ton of homers in the process.

I know we still have spring training Cole Hamels on the mound for a couple starts, and I was almost fooled into thinking he was back to 100 percent a little ahead of schedule.

Philly pitchers have given up an astounding, sickening 23 opposing home runs in nine games, easily the worst in the National League.

Couple this with the Flyers’ OT loss to Pittsburgh and, well, this is all I feel like typing. Here’s to a better Saturday.


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