What’s up with Brett Myers?

“He gives up a lot of homers,” is probably your first thought after reading that title. It’s true, Myers has been plagued by dingers.

But more than that, this year’s Brett Myers is far removed from 2008’s Brett Myers. How?

Fastball velocity.

I was discussing this with the writer of the Philly Sports Record about this, and he was the one who brought it to my attention and piqued my interest.

There’s no significant change as listed on Fangraphs’ page for Myers, but Pitch F/x data seems to conclude that Myers is missing about 4-5 MPH off his heater.

In his start against the Nationals on April 29, Myers’s average fastball velocity was clocked at just 88.13 MPH, according to Brooksbaseball’s Pitch F/x tool, with some pitches coming in at approximately 84 MPH and being recognized as changeups (they may have been intended as such, but that’s not a whole lot of change).

Even if you skip 2006 because of the inflated velocity as provided by his stint as a closer, Myers’s velocity so far is down about 2.5 MPH from 2004 and 2005.

I saw a lot of wincing during tonight’s game from Brett, and he apparently went back to the locker room limping slightly after he exited from the game. That’s a sort of hearsay, but something to keep an eye on.


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