Be happy you’re a Phillies fan: Reason #126

Because the team’s management, silly as it may be sometimes, is not the management of the New York Yankees.

Sure, they have a pretty new stadium and that giant HDTV in center field. But they also have the stingiest bunch of pennypinchers this side of Scrooge McDuck.

You know those costly, field-level seats that have made so much news early this season because of their price? Well, graduates from NYU were holding their commencement ceremony at Yankee Stadium. You’d think, for this incredible occasion, Yankee brass would allow these students to sit in these nice chairs as they wait to receive their diplomas.

Think again, suckers!

See those empty seats? No touchy!

See those empty seats? No touchy!

That’s right. Not a soul was allowed to sit in those seats, making the graduates sit a good 50 feet from the field.

In the unlikely event a graduate were to damage a seat somehow, what great expense would hit the balance sheet that the everloving Yankees couldn’t pay? None. That’s exactly the point.

Randy Levine and Lonn Trost ought to be ashamed, simple as that. Here’s hoping someone makes them feel that way someday soon.


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