Lou Marson will never see the light of day

In yet another puzzling move, the Phillies have signed catcher Paul Bako to a minor league deal.

Consider: the Phillies currently pay Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste to catch, and have hot prospect Lou Marson twiddling his thumbs in AAA, and traded away a better backup catcher prior to opening day.

Did I mention he’s left-handed?

Don’t get me wrong, I like security blankets. If Bako’s signing is for emergencies and AAA depth, I’m all for it. But if he gets plugged onto the 40-man and is called up before Marson makes it back to Philadelphia again, I’d begin to believe something fishy was afoot.

In what world does this signing make sense outside of minor league depth? Bako’s career-high EqA is .254, so he’s not even a great bat in relief.

Riddle me this, Ruben.

P.S. I do not find it hypocritical that Raul Ibanez occupies my banner after I opposed his signing this offseason. I’m never opposed to players performing well, even if I don’t like their contracts/circumstances what have you. Neither should you.


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