I just need to vent

I’m just pissed right now. I think that Ruben Amaro might be the dumbest person ever to walk the face of the earth. When J.P. Ricciardi asks you, “So, Happ, Drabek and Brown for Halladay?” the correct answer is “Absolutely.” I had no idea that Ricciardi was going to ask for so little. I can understand trying to bleed the Blue Jays to a certain extent, and I guess that the counter-offer of Happ, Carrasco, Donald and Taylor is the next logical step down.

But we’re not the only ones in this. Every second Amaro spends screwing around makes it more likely that Halladay goes to the Yankees, Red Sox or Angels. Or, Halladay goes to the Dodgers, in which case we’re well and truly screwed.

I get not wanting to give up your top two prospects. I get it. But there comes a point where you just need to man up and make the big trade.

But, hey, the Phillies are winning, so that’s good.


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One response to “I just need to vent

  1. So disagree – especially today when it seems as if the Phils might have a chance at getting Lee for a lot less. The Phils have what the Blue Jays want – and everyone seems to forget that the Blue Jays are under a lot of pressure to get this right. The Sox aren’t sending the Bucholz, the Angels aren’t sending them Aybar, and the Dodgers aren’t sending them Billingsley or Kershaw. That being the case, the Phillies don’t want to be in the position of bidding against ourselves.

    Also – negotiations 101 – whatever the Blue Jays start with, is not the only thing they’ll take. There’s most definitely a fallback for them that is something less than Drabek, Happ, and Brown. Now that the Phils have leverage, maybe we’ll see what that is.

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