The Gray Hair Meter

Boy, with the exception of Cliff Lee’s two starts against Colorado, it sure seems like things haven’t gone so smoothly for Philly pitchers. At least, I sure don’t think so. Let’s have a look at just how cardiac arrest-inducing this postseason has been for Philly pitchers so far.

  • Lee has pitched 16.1 innings in two starts. Not counting the incomplete eighth inning of his second start, seven of Lee’s 16 IP have been 1-2-3, and that’s not including two others that allowed a runner but still faced just three batters that inning.
  • Once again excluding that same eighth inning, the rest of the Phillies staff has pitched 28 innings, whether solo or in tandem with another reliever or two. Of those 28 innings, a grand total of five have been 1-2-3. Cliff Lee has more 1-2-3 innings pitched in two starts than the rest of the Phillies staff does in three games plus one inning.
  • The Phillies have scored at least one run in 13 of their 44 turns at bat. Phillies pitchers have surrendered at least one run in the opponent AB immediately following those run scoring innings six times. There’s nearly a 50 percent chance that, when the Phillies score, they will immediately surrender runs. This isn’t even a true measure of the Danger Zone Theory and it’s incredibly high.
  • The Phillies have scored eight runs in the eighth or ninth inning in five games so far. They have allowed five eighth inning runs and one ninth inning run. That’s 14 of the 49 total runs scored in Phillies postseason games, or about 29 percent, coming in the final two innings.

It’s a harrowing job, being a Phillies fan these days, but wins sure help to ease the nerves.


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