Fighting Armadillos

First of all, I’m just glad we’ve got a six-game World Series. It’s been too long since one of these actually had some drama.

According to my math from yesterday, the Phillies now have a 10 percent chance of winning the World Series. The shellacking that the Phillies put on A.J. Burnett (who went from Curt Schilling to Rick Ankiel last night) gave us this gem from Jimmy Rollins, as quoted by ESPN’s Jayson Stark:

“How hard is it to kill this team? Hopefully it’s like trying to run over an armadillo,” said Jimmy Rollins, after his team had lived to play another ballgame. “Just roll up and put our shells on. And after the car goes over us, we unfold and walk away.”

Wow. You know, I like strained metaphors as much as anyone, but that’s just….I don’t even know what to say.

So we have a night of panic and waking up in a cold sweat before tomorrow’s Game 6 where two aging pitchers will battle each other in the freezing cold. I think the extra 2 days of rest will do a world of good for Pedro, vis-a-vis Pettitte, who hasn’t pitched on 3 days’ rest since coming off HGH. Fox ran a graphic that said pitchers on full rest versus 3 days’ rest win something like 3/4 of the time in the World Series.

I’m not necessarily optimistic yet, but I can see a way out, and that way gets more and more likely with each passing moment. Is this just another way to maximize the heartache when the other shoe drops, as it inevitably will? We shall see.



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3 responses to “Fighting Armadillos

  1. Paul Boye

    What a difference a day makes.

  2. DJ Catfish

    I feel like you’ve built a mojo of getting me to check this fairly regularly, you have to cover the Eagles or the Sixers in the off season. Preferably not the Sixers.

  3. Paul Boye

    Well, my designs are really for this to be as Phillies-centric as possible, but if something like Shane Victorino scoring on a breakaway against Ray Emery or Matt Stairs getting signed as a backup left tackle happens, I’m there in a hot minute.

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