New Twitter and RSS

So there’s been an outcry for us to have an RSS feed. And here’s an attempt, though I make no promises that it will work. Subscribe if you wish. Or just subscribe or I’ll kill you.

Here it is. God, I hope this works.

EDIT: So apparently we’ve had an RSS feed all along, at, or so our friend at The Girl Who Loved Andy Pettitte tells us. (And no, Paul didn’t make any friends in college except chick Yankee fans.) The good news is that I don’t have to update the feed myself, but the bad news is that that feeling of accomplishment I  felt for all of 10 minutes is now gone.

So disregard that link from before, because I sure as hell won’t be updating it manually. Just follow us at the link above.

Also, due to protests from our Twitter followers over the schizophrenic nature of our tweets, Paul and I have had a Twitter divorce. The good news is that because Paul didn’t sign a Twitter prenup, I’ve taken the cheating bastard to the cleaners. Child support, the house, sole custody, the works.

You can still follow Paul’s serious baseball commentary @Phrontiersman, the official blog Twitter, and you can follow my parables, profanity, and irrational screaming (LUNACY!) @atomicruckus.


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