Just to Let You Know I’m Still Here

So I realize I haven’t posted in close to a month. If any of you care, I’m sorry. It’s been my busiest month of school and of work piled on top of each other. In truest Joe Posnanski style, here’s a list of topics I’m planning on addressing once my finals are done and my desk is clear at work (probably sometime this weekend):

  • The third and final edition of Scrap Heap Digest (“On Girls With No Self-Esteem and Players Coming Off Injury”); yes, it will be that misogynistic.
  • An ode to Brian Schneider, my favorite backup catcher in baseball history
  • On why Chase Utley’s short appendages make him a great baseball player, and how this relates to the trouble I have with staircases
  • Some more Roy Halladay nonsense, since apparently we’re diving into that again.


But the real reason I’m here is to recommend a new blog to you.

When I was a senior in high school, I took AP U.S. History II, and destroyed it. After getting low A’s in the first two marking periods, I got a 99 on the midterm, a 99 for the third quarter, and a 98 for the fourth quarter. I owned the discussion in that class. When we took a practice AP test, my teacher graded mine and said I would have gotten a 3 (good for a semester’s worth of college credit), if I had only done the multiple choice part of the test and skipped the essay entirely.

On my last day of class, I asked my teacher (who was an excellent educator and a wholesome human being) if he was going to be teaching AP U.S. History in the future, because my younger brother was coming up in a few years and was a huge history buff (he’s studying to be a high school history teacher right now).

“At the risk of sounding like John the Baptist,” I told Tom-Tom (my teacher), “There is one who is greater than I who will come after me. I am not even fit to lace up his shoes.”

And so began the myth of Tim, the Tortured Genius Younger Brother (to go with Blockie, Friend of the Blog and Sometime Fantasy Sports Antagonist and Kate, the Long-Suffering Girlfriend). A ways back, he started writing Facebook notes about pop culture, literature, and film. And they’re incredibly well-written, incisive, informative, and provocative. Which means that those qualities are not genetic, because I just ramble here. But he’s moved them to a WordPress blog called Lists on Caffene so they’ll be open to the public.

So if you’re at all interested in culture, film, etc., or you just want to be talked down to by someone other than Paul (ducks as enraged parter in crime hurls a baseball at his head), hop over to http://listsoncaffeine.wordpress.com and give them a read. It’ll give you something to read until I finish finals. Be back later this week.

/end threadjack


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  1. That’s very kind of you, Michael. People are going to expect something out of me now.

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