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What do you Get for the Man Who Has Everything?

So Paul turns 23 at the end of the month, and it got me thinking about the best gift for a baseball fan: the Shirzee. It’s got the utility of a t-shirt, but you can support both your team and favorite player. I ran in pretentious indie rock circles in college, and while there are many avid and knowledgeable football fans in that crowd, it’s safe to say that I like sports more than most of my guitar-toting, obscure-music-listening friends and colleagues.

Almost as a gesture of protest, I tended to wear athletic apparel whenever my band played a show. A few times, we played when South Carolina was playing or preparing for a big football game, I wore a USC baseball cap. We played a house show when Villanova played North Carolina in the Final Four this April, so I wore my Nova hat and asked for updates throughout our set. I’d say more often than not, I wore my Zenit St. Petersburg jersey at shows because, hell, indie kids respect obscure things, and what’s more obscure than Russian Premier Leauge soccer? Shirzees fit that bill as well–in the one Android Opera poster ever produced,  I’m wearing my Steve Carlton shirzee.

So that brings up the question, more a propos to Paul’s birthday, what shirzees are most appropriate for a Phillies fan? I know it’s sort of a stupid question to waste space on, but we’ve got to keep ourselves busy until pitchers and catchers report.

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